Group Project – Software Development Life Cycle

This week is designated as Computer Science’s “Coding Week”. This week is set aside for our allocated 8 person groups to code their group projects.

Our project is to create an Android phone application that uses geocaching with a pirate theme to help children aged 9-16 advance their mathematics. In the past few months, I have been leading my group [group 08] as we prepared design and test specifications for the project, and it has finally come to coding week where the majority of our code will be written.

Today we have been adding more functionality to the app, such as the log in authentication and ability to create a new account. To create a new account, we are using a PHP page to directly add a user into the Users table in the MySQL database running on one of our group’s servers. I am currently building that PHP page, and I am having to take into account that this page is going to be viewed on small ~3 inch phone screens. I normally design pages to use W3′s nromal XHTML DTD. However, after searching the internet I found that there is also a DTD especially for XHTML written for mobile devices:



Rather than



See the image below for an example of what the page may look like in the end on a 3.5inch iPhone screen:

Pirate Game add a user screenIt looks so much better than even a modified normal XHTML page, and I am glad I found out about the mobile XHTML DTD when I did! Now a bit of work on JavaScript validation, and get it ready to send SQL statements!

Matt out.