Games Website Marks – CS250 Project

A while back I made a webshop for games as part of a CS250 Web Programming assignment, a project which I really enjoyed doing. The results are in, and I scored 94%! Not bad for a project I had a great deal of fun creating and perfecting. The games shop was made in XHTML+CSS using JavaScript for some client-side validation, and PHP for many features such as includes and sessions. The games were pulled from an SQL database, and I implemented many buttons and options so the user would be able to narrow down the results to a certain platform, price range, or games that contain words. Each of these required a new SQL statement which turned out to be quite intuitive and logical to do.

If you fancy having a play with it, visit it here:

If you are curious as to how I built the site and a few technical details, you can see the extensive about page here, be warned – it is rather large.

Next semester it looks like I will be creating a project in HTML5, which is very interesting, especially when combined with CSS3.

Matt out.