HTTP Status Cats

Default server 404 error pages are usually fairly unhelpful to users, so creating a custom one can help a user be less frustrated at a broken link if there are options to get back to the homepage of the site, or a search bar to search for their goal.

404 status cat

As you may have seen, I created my own 404 page, and set it by editing the .htaccess file. Read more about that here. Recently, I stumbled upon the phenomenon of HTTP status cats – see them here. I then edited my 404 page to include one of these to keep my angry, lost users a bit happier.



Windows XP “Bliss” Background

Seen billions of times by many millions of people, is it perhaps one of the most famous photos ever? Taken by Charles O’Rear in 1996 in Sonoma County, California, the distinctive rolling green hills and lush blue sky is very much a trademark of the Windows XP operating system as it was the default wallpaper shipped with every system. After a little research, I found my goal – the actual coordinates of the location where the picture was taken:  38.250124,-122.410817. You can see how it looks now on Google street view by clicking here.


Not quite as colourful now - Google Maps

I found a very interesting article on ‘twistedsifter’ which you can read by clicking here.