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AberCam Minor Upgrades

With the weather now sunny and warm, AberCam’s tupperware box was acting like a greenhouse, with CPU and GPU temperatures soaring to 60°C+ (by contrast, they are now below 40°C). The solution to this included chopping up a belvita breakfast biscuit box (other breakfast biscuits are available) to shield its sides and top, the front of the box already has a silver heat shield to protect the camera from the sunlight.



For AberCam’s last couple of weeks of streaming, I have placed it outside the window again where it gets a slightly cleaner view. Also had to modify how the wind speed sensor was secured to the window, as it was previously held in place by the large and heavy window sitting on top of the end of the piece of wood. With the window now open, the safety ropes attached to the end of the wind speed sensor bit of wood have been clamped to the window sill, and a foam chock placed underneath to keep it vaguely level.