Kickstarter 02 – More Backed Projects

I have been having a fantastic time looking through projects that have been put on Kickstarter, and have started funding a fair few that pique my interest:

  • Tiny, fingertip sized Arduino!  - A really tiny Arduino with Bluetooth.
  • Lightpack -  a device that sits behind your computer screen / TV and displays colours relating to what’s being shown on the screen, resulting in a seemingly larger screen, and less strain on eyes. It also looks awesome.
  • Electronics Education Kit (arrived) – An electronics kit to teach kids some of the fundamental electronics concepts. Something I would love to see given to children in schools, along with Raspberry Pis. Electronics Education Kit
  • Stonehearth – A game similar to Minecraft, but from a further out perspective.
  • KeySmart – A minimalist keyring – all keys are stored in a Swiss-army knife fashion.
  • Windcatcher – One of my personal favourites. An air-bed that can be inflated with 4/5 breaths of air. No more. No electric pump/foot pump needed.
  • Omni – A project I didn’t actually fund to receive a device, but because it was a great idea – its a sort of bowl that you stand in and are strapped down to, so you can feel like you are walking whilst being stationary. Used for more realistic movement feelings in games.
  • Darkmatter – Another project I pledged only a small amount so that I could keep up with their development and see the product progress – its basically an Xbox 360 inserted into a large laptop looking device, complete with screen.
  • MotorPiTX – A ‘shield’ board to go onto of the Pi to easily control motors and servos!
  • Plug / Lima – Basically a NAS with an app, so you can access anything stored on a hard drive at home, as long as you have some internets. The device is pretty cool, and has a few extra features, but I eventually dialled my pledge down to a dollar to keep up with their updates, as I have no real need for it.
  • NFC Ring – Another favourite of mine that I can’t wait to receive! A ring that has NFC inside, allowing you to open NFC locks, unlock your phone and give other people information (settings/WiFi password/website URL) by tapping the private (back) or public (front of ring) to another device.
  • Pi Crust – Another Pi one! This time, a breakout board that makes it easier to connect to the I2C and SPI buses, connections that I have not yet played with but would like to start using!
  • Firebox Nano – The last favourite for now – a little fold-out wood-burning camping stove, check it out!
  • Project Bacon - A cookbook that uses bacon in everything! Well it can’t make my cooking any less adventurous..
  • Omate TrueSmart standalone Smartwatch – One that I found tonight, a smartwatch that does not need an Android/iPhone nearby to work – it runs its own very small version of Android 4.2, has a touch screen, microSIM and microSD slot… and a camera!!! I’m keeping tabs on it for now, as I am intrigued to see some more videos about using it and its features.  I do love my Pebble, but I am very interested to see what this TrueSmart standalone watch can provide..
  • Hex – A tiny, cost-effective quadcopter.
  • Easy-Macro Smartphone Lens – A little 4x magnification lens that straps onto any smartphone/tablet.

Pi Projects

Couple of ideas that I think are fantastic, but are a touch expensive for what they are.

  • Pi-Pan – Pan and tilt for the R Pi camera.
  • USB Power Adapter – A tiny UPS-like power switcher to allow a Pi/mobile phone to receive power from two sources.


Quiet Time

Sorry about the quiet period, I’ve been making the most of my time back at home after finishing my Internship at Google, and also have had a problem with updating WordPress. The problem turned out to be the disc that my site resides on, is full. After a couple of weeks of waiting, 000webhost appeared to fix the problem, I assume moving my site to a disc with free space, but neglected to also move my SQL databases with it, meaning that WordPress and Ministar Galactica broke. Combine this with a PHP error that I saw a few months ago here, but recently on the Aber-links site, which was fixed by the line “define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’128M’);” to the wp-config.php file, which now overrides the default maximum PHP memory limit that my host sets.

A few quick notes:


It is with much regret that I handed in my laptop and badge in Google London, as my year-long internship was over. I have had an amazing time, and am thoroughly grateful to the company for taking me on and providing me with so many opportunities to expand my knowledge in many fields from both computer maintenance and software engineering, to large scale computer fleet management and more. I have visited many offices around the world, met many techs and other employees, and made a lot of friends. It was sad to leave, but I hope to once again roam the floors of Google in the future.

Pi Cars

Pi Car 01 is still happily roaming, and his brother has just got a few upgrades (smaller breadboard, V2 black WiFi antenna like Pi Car 01 etc). I do hope to get a Raspberry Pi Camera to test out at some point .


I have funded many many things, and successful projects are starting to arrive. A more in-depth post with pictures will follow, but in the meantime, check out kickstarter’s discover projects page – I would recommend the ‘Design‘ and the ‘Technology‘ sections.