We Must Rebuild – Keyboard!

Although I had noticed that the new Asus board did not include a PS/2 port, I thought I had a PS/2 to USB adapter for my PS/2 Logitech Internet 350 keyboard that I got for about £13 a while ago. I love the thing, don’t want to get rid of it but why?

  • It’s Logitech! I have fallen for Logitech recently, I have their speakers, mouse, wireless mouse and keyboard. They are all fantastic, well priced, and work very well.
  • Most importantly – big Enter (Return) key. Not split in half and shared with the “\” key.
  • The “\” key is by the “z” key, where it belongs.
  • There are 2 Windows Keys.
  • There are 2 Alt keys
  • There is a menu key on the right by the left CTRL.
  • Backspace is big.
  • Page up and down are to the right of Home, Insert etc, where they should be

All of these things should be on EVERY keyboard – they are STANDARD. But most keyboards now split their enter key in half, move the blackslash key, and can halve the backspace key too.
Other reasons I like this keyboard for that not all keyboards “should” have:

  • Chunky keys that you can tell when you have pressed. If they go down, the letter appears. 100% of the time.
  • Media keys – play/pause, vol up and down, mute on the right. Music, Email and Home (never used) on the right, as well as calculator! (Regularly used!).

Only improvement I could make on this keyboard – no skip back and forwards media keys, but this is no biggie. Also it could be USB!

Upon investigating whether my keyboard would work with a PS/2 to USB adapter, I came upon mixed reviews, some say it worked fine, some say it half worked or was not consistent, some say it didn’t work at all. So I decided not to risk it, and bought another (USB) keyboard. I will also buy a cheap adapter off eBay to see if it will work, can always keep it as a spare for the future. At this point I had already ordered everything else, and would have to pay a lot to get it delivered next day (which would have been Monday, ordering on Thursday/Friday ish). After a quick look on Amazon and Ebuyer – I didn’t find anything I REALLY liked (Ideally a USB version of what I have now :/). I had a quick look at Argos (as there is one here in Aberystwyth), and then my friend looked too for me and found a keyboard that I REALLY liked the look of! Can you guess the make..? I bet you can – yes it was a Logitech. A Logitech K200 to be exact (See picture). Lots of pictures, big keys, even proper F keys at the top! They have removed the right Windows key, but I can live with that – I don’t use it too regularly.
So that’s it for now. I have received everything but the case, which I hope will come tomorrow.. or technically later today. I still have a couple of things to do to prepare, need to update the SSD firmware by (the easiest way) plugging it into my current PC and running a little OCZ program. More on that later.
Matt out