We Must Rebuild – Case and PSU

The power supply and case, two items that go hand in hand? These were the only items I did not buy from scan - I got them from Amazon, as they were either cheaper or
much cheaper there. The PSU I selected was again an OCZ unit, but packing a 600w punch rather than the 400w poke that my current OCZ Stealth has. I also decided to get a modular PSU – where some “modules” of the power cords can be detached if they are not needed to keep the case interior tidier, make it look better, and improve airflow. [I love how you can just paste in parts of a link to WordPress and it will keep the hyperlink attribute!]. You can find it here: OCZ 600W ModXStream Pro Power Supply. I paid about £64 pounds. Not bad at all for a branded, modular 600w power supply! Although I do search for the very best deals.


On the case of the case

Well the case was actually the last component I picked, and the first I actually ordered, and it is going to be the last delivered. Let me explain… I was very undecided in regards to case for a long time, I really like some of the CoolerMasters – the HAF series, the Storm and the Scout. Many with quite a cool red glow. I also did like the Antec 900, and it’s newer brother (Antec 902). These are fantastic cases – great cable management, USB 3.0, lots of fans for cooling etc.. but they come at a price. The newer Antec 902 costing around the £100 mark. I then discovered the Dark Fleet series. The cheaper DF-10, the medium DF-30 and DF-35, and the bigger DF-85. These cases are very nice, come accompanied with many fans and some cool little tricks.. All except the DF-10 I believe have 2 or 3 (3 for the 85) fans at the front that hinge outwards to provide easy access to the drive bays. The fans also have dust filters that snap out to be cleaned, which is pretty cool. On the front of the case, there are some very small, almost unnoticeable rotary switches to control the fan speed (and therefore noise) which is a nice touch. These fans come in different colours – white for the 35, blue for the 30, red I believe for the 85.

Also on the back, there is a couple of switches to control the back and top (exhaust probably) fans. I do not believe these are LED as Antec said something along the lines of “Not everyone wants their room looking like an 80′s rave party at night” or something similar. Antec take user feedback it seems, and improve their cases – dedicated SSD bays, one screw hard drive securing etc.. read more here. They have done many things like making many things tool-less for easy access etc.

Antec DF35 and DF85In the end I chose the DF-35, which I found for a very reasonable £52 on Amazon (which has shot back up to £67 at the time of writing, I knew it was a good deal! Much more expensive elsewhere. Many other things have started to drop in price, and I haven’t even installed them yet! i7 has dropped about £7, RAM dropped about £3, board dropped about £4). The Dark Fleed DF-35 looks a really good case, many fans, nice and big, and some fancy things from Antec. These include dedicated places for the SSDs – a little place for them to plug into (then I guess the other side connects that to the board. I’m yet to understand how they are supported from the drive bay walls – big screws?). Also there is a 2.5″ hot swap SATA bay ontop of the case! May come in very handy for repairing other people’s laptop hard drives. Other than that.. I don’t see a whole host of uses for it yet.. unless I can hook up some kind of USB 3.0 adapter to it? As I don’t believe this case has USB 3.0 on the front.. not yet anyway.