Raspberry Pi Endeavors 4 – Hardware

A week or so ago, I decided to my own version of Google Glass by selotaping the Pi, webcam and Nick’s battery pack to my hat. Here is the result:

Glass Hat

I also received my Mr.Basic 4wd chassis, which I discovered was faulty, after I had built it.

The kit:

Basic Kit

Partially built:

Half built

Built with motors:

Built Mr Basic

It looks like a really promising design, so I have ordered another one from Bizoner in China, they seem quite hard to get hold of around here. Also ordered a slightly larger one for Nick. Pictures to be posted when they arrive!

We also grabbed a couple of RC cars from Argos, and I proceeded to take mine apart to discover what kind of voltage the motors were using etc:

RC Car being held by third hands, being measured by a multimeter