On the BBC News! – Raspberry Pi Cambridge Event

A few weeks ago, I shot up to Cambridge to help out with a Raspberry Pi event at Chesterton Community College where Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton took great pleasure in announcing that they would be providing 15,000 Raspberry Pi kits to school children in the UK, through a grant from Google.

Me and a Pi

Chatting to a group of primary school children about what the Pi is.

I think this is a fantastic initiative, and the RPi is the perfect,┬ástandard, versatile and powerful bit of kit to get people learning real computer modules – from Java and Python programming, use of Unix operating systems and their services, to lower level component control with the GPIO pins and SPI and I2C interfaces. I really do hope that schools adopt the Pi, and get students introduced to programming and real computer science so that they can become interested in the subject area if they wish, and start pursuing cool projects.