Interactive Web Programming – Ministar Galactica

Ministar Galactica is handed in and complete!

Since the last post, many things have been added including:


  • Health
  • Nuke
  • Super Laser
  • Shield
  • Ally
  • Stealth
These were great fun to think up, draw then implement. Really adds a bit of fun to the game.
Other things added:
  • Pause button / in-game help button that pauses the game and shows help to the user
  • Added some more hotkeys – “p” to pause, “o” to turn music off
  • Many fixes
  • Made the game get increasingly harder as the levels progress
  • A fading in and out “LEVEL X” indicator when a user goes up a level
  • High scores page
  • About page
  • End game stats such as powerups used, enemies killed, bullets fired, accuracy
  • New table “Accuracy” to the database, and it prints also to the high scores page
And much more. Anyway, if you want to go and play it, head over to: and post a high score!
Had great fun creating this assignment, and hope to work on it in the future!