Interactive Web Programming – HTML5 – Progress

Almost one week and over 1000 lines of code later, I have my little HTML5 (well JavaScript really) game in a presentable format. Features of my assignment now include:

  • Sign up feature to create an account
  • Log in feature (name and password) that checks if the user exists and the password is correct
  • High scores – the top 2 high scores are featured on the game page, along with the person that set them (got from their logged in account username)
  • Added the concept of levels and an increasing difficulty as the game went on
  • A mute button to mute the entire program
  • Volume fixes to make the sounds generally quieter and more consistent
  • Fixes to stop the enemies falling off the left edge so much
  • A website to contain the game
Its been tough, but fun at the same time – creating something that actually works and I can play with. All I have left to do is an “about” page and a couple of other small bits and bobs.
In other news, helped out with the ATC (Air Training Core) Cadets again a couple of times this week, had a great time helping teach them first aid with scenarios involving cars etc. Had a lot of talking about Weetabix allergies in their attempts to keep me concious, discussions of tea when a child’s teapot was found in the back of one of the cars, and the most¬†memorable¬†quote of the evening “I feel like treasure” said a girl who just had an “X” marked on her forehead to indicate an injury.