HTML5 – Chrome <3

The main browser I use is Google Chrome. In the past, I have used Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox a lot. Firefox was pretty fast, with many add-ons to make things easier/more useful. Opera had some cool features like typing “w orange” and it would search Wikipedia for “orange”. This also worked with Google, eBay (YouTube?) etc.. It also had some cool gestures to open a new tab from a link, flicking the link to the top of the screen. A few years ago I moved from Firefox (my main browser) to Chrome. Why? Firefox, although miles faster than IE, still seemed slower than Chrome. It also kept crashing, and I always felt the tabs were fairly unstable.

Chrome runs each tab in a seperate thread, so hopefully if one tab crashes – the browser doesn’t die completely. (I still continue to have problems with YouTube crashing everything for no reason, though). Chrome is quick, snappy, and seems quite light. I also have my custom searches implemented to the main bar, e.g “wiki JFK” will search Wikipedia for JFK. Same with eBay, YouTube, Facebook (whois Matt Robbins..) etc.

Whilst reading up about HTML5, I found the following tables of information on W3 Schools:

Table of compatability


Which is the only browser that supports ALL video formats. Which is the browser that also supports ALL audio formats?

Need any more reasons to switch?

Then here is one last one, of the error message when a tab crashes:

Matt out.