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But How Good Is It? Headphones – Sennheiser HD280 and PC360, Creative Sound Blaster Arena Surround and Tactic 3D Sigma, JVC HA-S600 Review

2 Sennheisers, 2 Creative Sound Blasters and a set of JVCs. Which are best? Find out here…

Recently I have tried Sennheiser HD280(~£90) and PC360(~£160) headsets, some very expensive devices, which I would never have bought mainly due to their extreme price. The 280s were fairly uncomfortable, however the 360s fit fairly well. With the HD280s, I felt the sound was distant, further away from my ears, and the cups sat on top of my ears and started to hurt slightly after a while. I found the 360s much more comfortable, and the audio seemed closer and more surrounding. The microphone on the 360s looks very good, folds up when not in use, and my friends say the quality is amazing. Both Sennheisers use 3.5mm headphone jacks, (the 360s use 2, headphone and microphone, the 280s lack a microphone and only use one) – which is nice if you want to use it with an MP3 player or phone – anything that isn’t a computer. I believe both sets also allow their earcups to fold up – making them slightly smaller.

Sennheiser HD280s

  • Headphone jack


  • I didn’t like the audio quality – seems fair away and quiet
  • No microphone
  • Hurt to wear for extended periods (although my helmet size is XL)
  • Not very noise cancelling

Overall: Didn’t like them that much. 3/10

Sennheiser PC360

  • Microphone (A good one too, apparently)
  • Headphone jacks
  • Look really good
  • Better, closer, more defined audio than the 280s
  • Comfy – non squeezing – very wide
  • Fairly noise proof


  • Very expensive

Overall: A headset I would use fairly happily, if they were my only ones. Good gaming headset. 7/10

What’s the difference between the Arena Surround and Tactic Sigma? The Sigma headsets are newer than the old Arenas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are superior. Both support detachable microphones, which I think is a great feature, both have very comfortable, ear surrounding, soft cups, both have an adjustable volume option on the cable with microphone muter, and both have great audio quality – the best from any headset I’ve tried in my opinion. There are a few differences between the old and the new however, the white Arenas have a USB connection which is a shame as I would wear them everywhere otherwise, but they can make themselves slightly smaller – the cups rotate so they can be packed flat – with the cups facing away from you. The Sigmas don’t collapse at all – making them very bulky, but have the best of both connections – 2 3.5mm jacks that you can use with your phone, but also come with a THX headphone jacks to USB adapter – which I guess makes the audio even better, with the right software and drivers.

Creative Sound Blaster Arena Surround (white ones)

  • The best, closest, sound quality in my opinion
  • Feel very durable, good cable too
  • Onboard volume controls and microphone mute
  • Comfy cups! Could, and do, wear the, for hours
  • Very noise resistant
  • Make you look like a pilot
  • Closer to £35 than the huge Sennheiser prices


  • USB connection only, so I can’t use them more

Overall: I love them, favourite headset, but USB limits use. 9.5/10

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma

  • Very good audio quality
  • Looks like a very good microphone with foam around it
  • Both USB and headphone jacks!!!
  • Volume controls and microphone mute
  • Good noise resistance
  • Around the £50 mark at a quick look


  • Bulky, don’t collapse, feel a bit more fragile and less rugged
  • Cable is flat, more like a rubber ribbon, doesn’t feel as durable

Overall: Great headset for your desk, not for travel. 7.5/10

And finally a pair of JVCs. Why? Because I bought these myself. For me to buy tech usually requires extensive research by searching online of reviews and trying to find the best price. I was with my flat mates in HMV trying out the funny looking Beats headphones (£150-£350+), found that the £350 pair were actually quite good. The smaller headsets that didn’t encompass your ears weren’t so great, and not worth their price tag. Trying on some other brands, I came across some £30 JVCs, which almost silenced the store when I put them on. They have no noise cancelling ability, but their cups comfortably fit right around your ears, preventing some noise and cold air from entering them. I wear them every day on my commute to work, and am wearing them now, sat on a train. Why? They are feel fairly sturdy, collapse to a much smaller size than any previously mentioned headset – great for travel and being stored in a bag. Audio quality is great, and feels close to my ears. I have blue ones, but saw someone with the white variety on the train just today, which look really good.


  • Headphone Jack
  • Very comfy to wear for extended periods
  • Fold up to a convenient travel size
  • Audio seems encompassing and close, like the creatives
  • About £15 from Tesco online when I bought them
  • Fairly noise cancelling


  • No microphone, but you wouldn’t want one on a travel headset
  • Sound quality isn’t quite as fulfilling as the creatives

Overall: I love them, brilliant for travel, when I eventually wear them out, I will buy more. 10/10