Lets Get Things In Order – Custom Post Order

As you may know if you use WordPress, newer blog posts are shown at the top of pages, and they push old posts further down. This is fine for someone blogging bits of news and interesting stories, but didn’t quite cut it for my posts on my computer build. I wanted users to be able to read from the beginning and see it being built up and progressing – rather than reading the posts backwards and seeing it being disassembled into components.

I also wanted just my “Build 2.0” category and other progression based topics to have this styling, not all of them. One idea I had was to make a webpage in HTML as a sort of contents or index of my build. This way I could order the links to each blog post in any way I wanted(using their permalink addresses). This doesn’t make it very readable, as users would have to open each link as a new tab for each tiny bit of the story, and also I would have to remember to grab the permalink for each new post and add it to the HTML page… “There’s gotta be a better way..”

After looking on the internet for some sort of “WordPress Organiser”, I found many people had searched for “WordPress Order”. Well ordering my posts – that was exactly what I wanted. It seemed the best plugin for the job was “Custom Post Order

Very easy to use, I installed by going wp-admin –> Plugins and searched and installed it from there.

To configure, go Settings –> Custom Post Order. From there you can tell your posts WHAT to order by (names, dates, titles etc), HOW to order (Ascending / Descending) and WHICH posts you would like it to apply to (specify categories or all)

Here are the options you get:

Order By

Order Direction

Apply To

You then see your list of categories (and sub categories!!) that you can check to apply it too.

Very useful plugin, did exactly what I wanted to :). If you want it too, search for “Custom Post Order” or go to their WordPress plugin page here.