Lets Build – Case

Okay I have the board in the case along with the power supply, and have wired all the power connectors to the devices. Also powered the dock and the fans. The fans (at least 3) have molex connectors that you can plug another device into, so you can plug one fan into another, and then power them off one molex power connector. I believe I used one molex connector for each pair of fans (one for the front 2, one for the back and top ones). Who else needs power? Make sure the CPU cooler is plugged in, that’s rather important.

Other wires

The case (when new) had a load of wires stored at the top of it, with wires for the dock, some of the fans, USB and sound pannel, start and reset buttons, and power and busy lights. The Asus board made connecting these a bit of a better experience, as you can connect most of the connectors (not sound / USB) to a “quick connector” which has the names of the relevant needed wire next to each pin. (The names seem to exactly match what is on each wire, which is helpful! Good standardisation). Then you plug this quick connector onto the board (you could miss this out, but hey – it’s free, why not!). The audio goes further back, to a set of pins just above the PSU. The audio connector from the case also came with an additional (8 pin?) connector connected to the main connector – not sure what this goes to, something sound related I guess, but there were no other pins around the audio headers. I have a feeling the connector I connected to the header was HD-AUDIO, and the smaller connected connector was for standard audio, if your board was a little older. Just a theory.


The USB connector just goes to one of the USB headers – theres 3. Theres also one USB 3.0 header up the board a little, which may be handy at some point (remember we have USB 3.0 onboard the main I/O panel.

Recommendations: If you are building now with an Asus board – just have a quick check on the top of the heatsink for the onboard graphics I believe it is, where it says “Asus” – make sure there isn’t some plastic on there. I was unsure whether it was part of the sticker, or some protective plastic – its the plastic, get rid of it.