iPhone Browser – Fixing Old iPhone Camera Roll

Again, my iPhone stopped showing photos that it had just taken in it’s camera roll. I have fixed this once before, but again it has stopped showing the most recently taken photos.

How to fix

I fix this problem by first backing up all of the photos on the device to my PC, and then deleting the folders that contain them – but Windows explorer cannot delete those folders (in DCIM when you plug the iPhone in via USB). I had to delete them via a special program called “iPhone browser” that is available here (click Downloads).

When I installed this application last time, it worked perfectly. This time, it did not. I tried it on my main Windows 7 pc, my netbook and a virtual Windows XP – all installed fine but then crashed¬†immediately¬†when the application was ran. I believe this was due to the application needed the “Bonjour” service amongst others, and was fixed by installing Quicktime and iTunes (on my virtual XP).

With the application installed and running, you can click one of the menus at the top (Goto Location) and select “Camera Roll (DCIM)” or you can navigate to it yourself on the left hand navigation menu: User > Media > DCIM. Under here, delete all of the folders (101APPLE etc, .MISC etc) so the DCIM folder is empty (remember to back up your photos first). After this, disconnect the iPhone and start taking pictures – they should appear in the camera roll (may need a reboot, mine didn’t this time).

iPhone 2g running on very old, outdated firmware is now happy again.