iPhone Bluebook

02 has a service called “Bluebook” that will back up all of your contacts free of charge. It really only supports phones that are more than about 8 years old, as it needs a service called SyncML – something even my ancient iPhone doesn’t have. However, managed to find a way round it! Downloaded a SyncML client (lite) app to my iPhone, popped in some 02′s settings (use actual username, not your email address that 02 tells you is your username) and ctrl+alt+bingo, it sent all of my friends numbers to its site! Also some email addresses etc that were in my contacts book.

Want to do it yourself? I found some great instructions here: http://www.3g.me.uk/showthread.php?t=94489

Incase that site ever goes anywhere:

Once registered, login and click on Contacts and then “Set up a phone”. The iPhone model won’t be listed so choose another device such as the Nokia N95.
Next download and install the free Synthesis SyncML Client for iPhone from Apple’s App Store and configure it with the following settings:
Server URL: http://o2contacts.o2.co.uk/syncml
SyncML Version: SyncML DS 1.2
User: yourusername@o2.co.uk
Password: yourpassword
Tap on ‘Start Synchronisation’ and marvel as your contacts go whizzing around the ether and appear like magic in your Bluebook account.