Generate Many MAC Addresses – Keyboard and Mouse Recorder for Mac

I needed to generate a lot of unique MAC addresses for my virtual machines, and VMware has no function that I can find in vmrun to generate one. However, in the ‘Network Adapter’ settings of any VM, you can pummel ‘Generate MAC Address’ to create new, unique ones. One option was to generate that address, copy and paste it into a text file, and repeat – but I didn’t fancy doing this for however many I’d need (probably hundreds) – so I Googled for a ‘Ghost Mouse’ piece of software – and came across Keyboard and Mouse recorder for Mac by softonic.


Great. It recorded my mouse and keyboard inputs of generating, copying, alt-tabbing, pasting, hit enter for a new line. I could also loop this process – but only to a maximum of 10 times without registering. I didn’t fancy pressing the play button whenever it finished (about every minute) so after looking for a command line way to start it (thought I could use a minutely CRON job..) I found no man pages or anything. Therefore I just fired up a new instance of ┬áthe application, and got that to click the play button on the first one, and then stop recording after about a minute. Putting this on a 10x loop as well, it will press the play button on the 10x generate loop, 10 times – so generates them in batches of 100. Win.

“Wherever possible, cheat”