Animated GIF

A GIF [Graphics Interchange Format] is a type of image format, but one that you can animate – and they were very popular in the earlier days of the internet, along with the marquee and blink HTML tags. It is now 2012, and GIFs are certainly still here, but are not as used as they once were – but today I decided I would make an animated one to see how they worked.

I already had my favourite image editor – Macromedia Fireworks [Adobe now own them] – open, and found the “Frames” panel under the “Window” menu. With this panel open, it was easy enough to add/duplicate frames, and edit the image on each one – similar to Macromedia Flash animation.

With my task complete, here is the result:


One thought on “Animated GIF”

  1. Looks good :) I like using Macromedia Fireworks too the first GIF I made was a walking tv that showed you a short clip then walked out :P
    Not very pratical for websites nowerdays as you said though fun to make :P

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