Abercam Viewers, Pi Rover, PiMS


As we have been in the middle of a good storm here in Aberystwyth, Abercam has again been getting a good few hundred different people viewing it every day, and over 3000 page views this month. As well as streaming live images of Aberystwyth all over the world, I also tasked it with taking a snapshot every couple of seconds, which I have made into time lapses and stuck on YouTube here.

abercam shots


Pi Rover

Found this great YouTube video of a chap who has done many different random things such as making a little printer and milling machine using the Pi, but what interested me most was he has also built a Pi Car… And you can drive his little Pi Rover here: http://www.homofaciens.de/technics-robots-rover-control_en_navion.htm



PiMS? Yes it has Pi in it. Its the topic I have chosen for my dissertation here in my final year at Aberystwyth. I will be creating a Raspberry Pi Management System that will manage engines such as those found in the Internal Fire Museum of Power in Cardigan. The system will monitor different temperatures, fluid levels (water/oil/fuel etc) and engine speed, notifying museum staff if any of these falls outside a set range.


Now back to work…