Lets Build – RAM!

RAMOkay the CPU is on the board, the cooler is ontop of that, we need some RAM for this party. So outcomes the 8gb of Corsair Vengeance – 2 x 4gb chips. In the package, there was literally just the 2 chips in little plastic cases – no instructions, no stickers, nothing. So little, I didn’t even take a photo at the time!


I’ve put RAM in many computers and laptops before, and so I went to the board as usual and attempted to push the little white tabs either side, sideways. The right one moved fine, the left however, did not. After a bit of poking and prodding, I realised that someone has changed the design of the ram slots – now one side is fixed! Fair enough.

Ram by cooler

I slotted in the 2 chips into slots A2 and B2 I believe (Instructions advise you on the optimal place to put 1,2 or 4 dimms). I did also check – and yes I could fit a chip into the slot closest to the cooler fan, but it was close. Very close.