Blogging about blogs

Just managed to get a new blog set up on my site This turned out to be a bit more of a hassle than I originally thought, mainly due to the fact that I wanted all of the unzipped WordPress files in the blog directory, but when unzipped they go into their own “WordPress” directory. Moving the files up and out of that directory caused many errors and problems, probably due to changing path names. I looked at sending the unzipped files off my machine to the server through my FTP client FileZilla, but it looked like this was going to take huge amounts of time as each of the 900 files was uploaded individually, it’s permissions were changed, the directory was re-listed etc..

In the end I unzipped the files on my machine, then re-zipped them into a folder called “blog”. When extracted automatically by the server, they all went to their new blog directory, and are now happily living there.

Recommendations: Don’t try and upload 900 files through FTP clients. Zip as the folder you are aiming for, and let it unzip into the folder you desire automatically. Also bear in mind your web host (000webhost for me) may have a button hidden somewhere to upload a zip/tar file and it will upload, unzip and place the files for you.

Matt out