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This page used to display the webcam feed from my Raspberry Pi powered Aberystwyth Webcam. This webcam ran from October 2013 to 30th May 2014, providing a live stream of the seafront for thousands of people worldwide. With around 12,000 pageviews and over 8,500 unique visitors, AberCam provided a useful service to many, especially during the storms in early 2014 where AberCam saw its maximum load of over 1085 pageviews in one day on January 3rd. During the last 3 months of operation, AberCam averaged around 40 unique visitors per day including student's parents, Aberystwyth residents and ex-Aberystwyth residents. I was truly overwhelmed by the number of people that took the time to send me a message via my Contact Me page, thanking me for its service and informing me of who they were and why they were interested in it. Thank you to all who did, it sparked some really interesting conversations.

Above is a recent image from the webcam feed provided by the council.

AberCam Info

Despite starting off as just a camera and Raspberry Pi in a tupperware box, attempting to brave the elements, AberCam grew to accomodate a temperature and wind speed sensor, with humidity, pressure and rain sensors being tested as the end of May approached.

Picture of Abercam and sensors

AberCam and sensors

On the 31st of May I moved out of Abergeldie House, Victoria Terrace, having finished my Computer Science degree at Aberystwyth University. Unfortunately AberCam had to come with me, having found no willing seafront-dwelling volunteer to continue the service. AberCam will live on, however, as I move back home to Bridgnorth, and later to Dublin, hopefully with the inclusion of more sensing equipment. However if it is Aberystwyth you are looking for, you might find the following time-lapses interesting, taken by AberCam itself.

Other Aberystwyth videos, including my live coverage of the storm can be found on my YouTube channel.

AberCam Technical Info

I created AberCam using a credit card sized computer called the Raspberry Pi, which is a fantastic little fully-fledged, low cost computer that runs a variant of the free Linux operating system. It is connected up to a webcam that has a good view of the Aberystwyth seafront from its perch close to Alexandra Halls, and employs the use of the software "Mjpg-Streamer" to steam video from the camera to the web.

Picture of Abercam

AberCam lives in a Poundland tupperware box (other tupperware boxes are available), and has survived outside for days at a time through wind and rain, however has got blown off its window ledge on a couple of occasions, only to be found helplessly dangling by its safety string and power cable, and so tends to live inside now.

Abercam can also take snapshots as well as stream videos, which is useful for creating timelapses, which will work their way onto my YouTube channel at some point. In the meantime, have a look at this video that AberCam's brother (KeyLimePi) took of some large waves at Aber Seafront (big wave at 16 seconds in!).