Dublin, Ireland – Google Student Ambassador Trip

Apologies for not blogging in a while, I have little free time now!

Half way through August I flew over to Dublin to attend the Google Student Ambassador summit, where I learnt lots about how Google apps like Gmail, Google Docs and Drive and Calendar can help students. I now very much look forward to holding events at uni to promote some of Google’s fantastic products now that I have been made aware of even more of their advantages.

It was also really nice to see another Google office, and I enjoyed talking to the employees that work there, as well as other interns and some of the Google BOLDers that I met a year or so ago. [Google BOLD – Business Opportunities and Leadership Development – was a program that I was lucky enough to get accepted on to in 2011.]

Whilst we were in Ireland, we were also given the chance to learn some Irish River dance - a sort of tap dance, which was fantastic fun and afterwards it left me feeling very cultural!